Thursday, January 15, 2009

Caribbean Dreams

We finally took our late "summer" beach trip, postponed by hurricanes, airlines, and every other roadblock that nature and fate could throw at us.

Traveling to the Cove at Paradise Island in the Bahamas, we were more then tempted to try their signature restaurant, an outpost of Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. While Southwestern flavors are not my favorite for refined cuisine, I was still excited to try a new taste. Seafood and steak "reigned supreme" on the menu, though I found these dishes to be a bit underwhelming. I preferred the chili rellano, the same one from this episode of "Throwdown". Amongst Bobby's favorite ingredients, blue cornmeal and poblano peppers are both pervasive on this menu.

We also enjoyed the buffet at the Cove, though at $70 for Friday night dinner (ouch!!), the more reasonably-priced breakfast and lunch offerings were equally impressive to us. Each offered plenty of made-to-order stations as well as fresh produce, baked goods, and desserts. One thing to keep in mind at the Cove or Atlantis, the dining options don't come cheap....while we weren't desperate enough to pay the aforementioned price for the Cove buffet, other reasonably-priced dinner options are hard to find.

Truly though, it couldn't get any worse than the the Spirit Airlines terminal at FLL. With the prospect of a flight with no water, food, or beverages, we were desperate to find something to eat at the Fort Lauderdale airport. When I say there was nothing, I might be exagerating slightly...there was a Nathan's hot dog kiosk. With the odor reeking from the place, though, I wonder about both the sanity and stomach of lining of Joey Chestnut. Alas, our best option was to travel to a Chili's in another terminal (we had a nine-hour layover, so plenty of time to do so). While my soup and salad were passable, my previously-referenced desire to revisit chains does not apply to Chili's, given my aformentioned lack of enthusiasm for Southwestern food.

Arriving home, I thanked my lucky stars for the availability of Legal Seafood and other options at Reagan, as well the plethora of options available on every street corner in this DC foodie's everyday life.

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