Friday, October 10, 2008

Word on the Street

Living in the metro area,it so often happens that we yuppies rarely venture off course to explore areas not immediately accessible by Metro or via a cheap taxi fare. (With ratings such as this, one might wonder why we ever would). When we do venture outside of our "zone", however, we are often rewarded. Just a short drive from the Ballston-Rosslyn corridor, Lee Highway (Route 29) offers a plethora of reliable and distinctive dining options. In fact, this family friendly area provides a nice escape option for my husband and I on regular occasions.

Italian Store, Metro 29 Diner (in fact, I just enjoyed half of last night's heaping open-faced sandwich for lunch today), Artisan Confections, as well as Sushi Zen, Taqueria el Poblano, and Pie Tanza, all in the Lee-Harrison Shopping Center are all great options. Feel free to name others, I may have missed one...Cowboy Cafe is also good, though more of a bar than a restaurant. Still on my list are Portabello and Thirsty Bernie's (though I have to question this Washingtonian piece citing its location as Clarendon)...cannot wait to add more favorites.

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