Friday, October 3, 2008


I don't know if it's just me, but trying new restaurants in the area has been less than fulfilling for me recently. My reaction has been a general sense of "ehhh". In the last month or so, I have tried DC Coast, Acadiana, Majestic (ok, that was not just ehhh, it was bad), Art & Soul, even the Atlantic City location of Gallagher's Steakhouse, the venerable New York institution. Granted, none of these places charge the type of prices for which customers can expect absolute excellence, but these are restaurants that enjoy certain reputations. Truly, however, they do not seem to measure up. Over and over, the sense I continue to feel is that I am failing to be wowed.
(Oh, and as for Atlantic city, my first and quite possibly only visit to the Jersey shore...not returning to that boardwalk any time soon; saltwater taffy is sooooo no worth it.)
Instead, I yurn for my inner circle of familiar favorites, and yes, at times, even chain dining. For me, the comfort invoked in knowing what to expect can be just as inspiring as the perceived innovation of a particular chef. I find that I want to return to places like Metro 29 Diner, Nam-Viet, Coastal Flats and Sweetwater Tavern of the Great American Restaurant Chain, Five Guys, Cosi, El Pollo Rico, yes I even went to Applebee's recently to order off of the Weight Watchers menu this nostalgia, it is apathy? Who knows? What I do know is, that for the immediate future, I am just not up for more culinary adventures that turn into disappointments. Look for me at one of my regular spots.

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