Thursday, August 28, 2008

If it ain't broke...

As I've noted previously, DC has become quite the trend-loving town. I fully embraced the boutique burger influx, but now, I'm faced with the decision of which DC trend to explore next.

I mean, we've got the Fro-Yo craze, with TangySweet and Mr. Yogato following on the heels of SweetGreen, and a long-rumored Pinkberry. Also, a la Arlington's EatBar, gastropubs have popped up in the Columbias - Heights and Maryland. And most indicative of DC's need to embrace trends, bitches watch out, because cupcakeries are the new black. I mean, Holy Cupcake Batman, if not our everyday citizens, our local media and bloggers are game to prove that Washingtonians sure can embrace a trend.

In addition to following in the footsteps of other city's trends, it seems we're also perfectly happy to welcome their chain casual-dining destinations as well. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I think it's all great - I'll just use this opportunity to shout out that the 22201 is willing to welcome new culinary commerce as well.

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