Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life of the Informant

I love food, but it does not define me. I created this blog with the hope that it would become the next greatest thing among the many foodie pages in the Washingtonian blogosphere. I was suffering a bit in my job, and perhaps looking for alternative plans.

Now, a whole week and half later, I'm getting all philosophical and rethinking my plans. Don't get me wrong...I remain extremely passionate about my cuisine, but I'm more dynamic than that. I have other passions and pursuits. Why limit myself in the hopes that I become an authority?! I'm not. I'm a piss-ant lawyer for yet another administrative agency in this town. Basically, a dime a dozen. I do, however, have things to say. If no one wants to read them, I DON'T CARE. My opinion matters to me, and putting my thoughts on virtual paper means something to me. I want to write about sports, about politics, about being young, frustrated, and ambitious in this town, about metro and the necessary calamity that it is, about all sorts of things. I will write these things, while continuing to write about my culinary escapades.

In this vein, I do plan to keep my blog confidential. No need to turn into another blogger in hot water, though my exploits are slightly less controversial than most. I have the interest of protecting a job that I don't enjoy, at least at the moment. After all, maybe some day I will enjoy it again. So, in summary, I hope that you find this page. I hope that you read it and find it interesting and challenging. I hope that you add comments of your own. If not though, I'll be fine. I have a new soapbox for all of my passionate feelings on all sorts of "tings". Here's to revamping my platform...

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